Anton Vanhoucke

Anton Vanhoucke

Author and Keynote speaker for
Agile Transformations

Innovating can be tough. Maybe there are enough ideas, but your organization lacks focus. Or perhaps you’re in an Agile Transformation, which doesn’t bring the expected results. Anton Vanhoucke has the experience and skills to help.

Great Innovation comes from great teams. Not from ideas on sticky notes.

I combine Innovation Management with an in-depth knowledge of Agile Coaching. That’s because I believe teams deliver results, not projects. Success comes from effectively motivating and empowering teams. The combination of Agile and Innovation Management has proven to accelerate both company growth and organizational agility. Is your interest piqued? Let’s discuss the added value of Agile Growth for you and your teams!


About Anton Vanhoucke

Innovation Strategist

Anton has experience with successful innovation. He brings a different mindset and a strong customer orientation to the team. Anton’s expertise in digital media and communication reinforces the team’s success. He has always been fascinated by one central question:

Why do people do what they do?

This question is interesting on many levels. It has to do with team performance because some routines are more productive than others. It has to do with organizational excellence because behavior drives processes and culture. And finally, it has to do with innovation because customer behavior is a telltale of success.

Anton’s motivation is to help people rise above themselves. Personal growth makes everyone happier and more productive in teams. A positive impact on the world is an essential part of this. That’s why Anton carefully chooses his clients.

My blog about Agile Transformation and Innovation

I am sharing my insights, favorite book summaries, notes, and teaching methods on my blog. It’s the stuff I learned about effective teams in organizations that bring results.

  • I gravely misunderstood the Growth Mindset. Here’s what I learned.

    a man and a girl wearing capes playing heroes

    Carol S. Dweck’s work, ‘Mindset,’ is seminal. It is one of these must-read non-fiction books, up there with The Seven Habits, and Thinking Fast and Slow. Until recently, I did not read the book: the web is full of infographics explaining the Growth Mindset. After reading the book, however, I discovered that I had a …

  • My preferred food for thought and brain function

    person holding string lights photo

    My brain is a crucial body part for my work. I want to keep it in pristine performing condition. Part of that effort is providing it with the proper fuel: food and drink. There are an awful lot of food myths, however. I list the ones I used to believe in and explain why I …

  • The Culture Map – cultural dimensions for teamwork

    hand using sound mixing console

    Working with people from different cultures can feel like a challenge. They can have incompatible habits and expectations. Most people are flexible, but trouble begins when these expectations remain implicit. The Culture Map by Erin Meyer gave me a set of lenses to help clarify expectations and hopefully prevent trouble. I’m sharing my notes in …

  • Psychological Safety tips: 5 ideas to help people open up

    woman in red shirt beside woman in white shirt

    Many people wish for more transparency. They want to know what others have been doing or what they are up to. Transparency, however, is not something you can demand. Increasing pressure will only lead to obfuscated facts. So for transparency, you must build a relationship in which people feel safe and open up. Here are …

  • Teamwork tip 4: Build a robust foundation to handle raw and honest feedback

    Excelling through great feedback

    Google ‘feedback method’ and google will come up with countless ‘systems’ for giving feedback. Any of these systems quickly becomes awkward and forced when you try it. There is no bullet-proof algorithm for giving feedback. In this article, I’m sharing the essential part of great feedback: a robust foundation for self-confidence. Take, for instance, the …

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