Anton Vanhoucke

Anton Vanhoucke

Author and Keynote speaker for
Agile Transformations

Innovating can be tough. Maybe there are enough ideas, but your organization lacks focus. Or perhaps you’re in an Agile Transformation, which doesn’t bring the expected results. Anton Vanhoucke has the experience and skills to help.

Great Innovation comes from great teams. Not from ideas on sticky notes.

I combine Innovation Management with an in-depth knowledge of Agile Coaching. That’s because I believe teams deliver results, not projects. Success comes from effectively motivating and empowering teams. The combination of Agile and Innovation Management has proven to accelerate both company growth and organizational agility. Is your interest piqued? Let’s discuss the added value of Agile Growth for you and your teams!


About Anton Vanhoucke

Innovation Strategist

Anton has experience with successful innovation. He brings a different mindset and a strong customer orientation to the team. Anton’s expertise in digital media and communication reinforces the team’s success. He has always been fascinated by one central question:

Why do people do what they do?

This question is interesting on many levels. It has to do with team performance because some routines are more productive than others. It has to do with organizational excellence because behavior drives processes and culture. And finally, it has to do with innovation because customer behavior is a telltale of success.

Anton’s motivation is to help people rise above themselves. Personal growth makes everyone happier and more productive in teams. A positive impact on the world is an essential part of this. That’s why Anton carefully chooses his clients.

My blog about Agile Transformation and Innovation

I am sharing my insights, favorite book summaries, notes, and teaching methods on my blog. It’s the stuff I learned about effective teams in organizations that bring results.

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    Fairphone 3

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    ice skating champion - effect

    ‘Effect’ is a book about effective teamwork. The title refers to the strange fact that your conscious actions don’t always have the effect you desire on other people. The book is written by ice skater J.O. Koss and psychologist B.M. Ihlen. They wrote down their team coaching insights after winning several olympic gold medals. Their …

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Agile Growth
Agile Growth3 months ago
Many people wish for more transparency. They want to know what others have been doing or what they are up to. Transparency, however, is not something you can demand. Increasing pressure will only lead to obfuscated facts. So for transparency, you must build a relationship in which people feel safe and open up. Here are 5 ideas from my book 'Progress with Results' (...

Agile Growth
Agile Growth3 months ago
Holacracy beweert Scrum, Agile en time management te verbeteren. Het is bedoeld om elk team beter te laten draaien door de rollen in het team voortdurend te evolueren om beter bij het werk te passen. Is het echt beter dan Kanban of Scrum? Laten we het uitzoeken. Holacracy betekent dat het hele team de leiding heeft, niet alleen de manager. In essentie is Holacracy een proces om zelfsturing en zelforganisatie in teams te organiseren....

Agile Growth
Agile Growth7 months ago
#Agility - wendbaarheid - is zinloos als je nergens heen gaat.
Agile Growth
Agile Growth7 months ago
#Value first, solutions & opportunities follow. That’s what Richard & Erik explained so clearly today.
Agile Growth
Agile Growth8 months ago
Op sigaretten staat hoeveel gram teer. Op spulletjes hoeveel ton CO2 dan maar?
Ik heb net nieuwe speakers besteld. Volgens mij ga ik daar een rijker leven van leiden. Maar ik had toch last van spulletjesschaamte. Toen bedacht ik: je kan ook helemaal niet zien wat de #impact is van die spullen. Maar dankzij @babetteporcelijn weet ik dat het best wel heftig is.
Agile Growth
Agile Growth8 months ago
Ken je het gevoel dat iets vanzelf gaat wat eerst moeilijk was? Bijvoorbeeld schakelen, koppelpedaal en remmen? Als je dat gevoel in je team hebt ben je #Agile bezig.